Popeye K

Popeye is a 17.0h KWPN approved stallion. He is by the great prolific show jumper Voltaire. Voltaire has long been known to produce some the nation’s best hunters, including PopeyeK. At the Atlanta Olympic Games Voltaire was the stallion with the most offspring competing. Voltaire’s jumper offspring include Concorde, Olinda, Vegas, Quarnak De Longpre and Triviant to name a few. Voltaires hunter offspring include Popeye K, High Cotton, Worthington, Solitaire, Moriah, Diamonds and Pearls, etc. .. Voltaire produces offspring of good character that are very sound with a great walk good trot and a great canter. They are very careful jumpers with a lot of scope.

Popeye’s Dam side combines the two mare lines 18b1 and the 1858. Eloretta is by L Ronald who produced over 100 top mares, and has proven to be an excellent mare sire. Some of these mares are mothers of the great stallions Libero, Lord Incipit, and Larno.

Popeye also passes on the traits of his Grandfather G. Ramiro Z. Ramiro was the top stallion of his performance year excelling at the puissance jumping over 2.20m and competing internationally in many Nations Cups and Grand Prix’s. Ramiro posesses Thoroughbred blood top and bottom to produce tall elegant offspring with the top line of a Thoroughbred.

Eloretta's mother, Sanremo is by the great stallion Farn who has been one of the most influential stallions in Dutch breeding, producing most notably the great stallion Nimmerdor who was named stallion of the century.

Popeye’s pedigree combines some the top bloodlines. He produces foals that carry the scope of G Ramiro Z, the mind, conformation and carefulness of Voltaire and the old blood of Farn to produce the next generation of top sport horses.

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