2003-2006 Top foals at the RAWF

2007: Wow was best young horse at the IHF finals. Countess K was top hunter foal in the KWPN. Oskar K was year-end training level dressage champion in Canada. Relevant K winning in the young jumper division. Tommy K and Reigna K winning in the pre-greens.

2008: Wow was #1 two year old in USEF, Outstanding was the #1 yearling in the USEF. Play time was champion amateur hunter in Canada, Power play K winning in the adult hunters, Mystical M and Relevant K winning in the young jumpers.

2009: Outstanding is the #1 two year old in the USEF. D’Lovely SSF is #2 yearling in the USEF.. Other high ranking foals include Lola K, Countess K, Dutch Treat, Olive Oyl, 24 K, and Wow. Winners in the IHF were, Lola K, Oustanding, Ditinctively K, and Wow who was Three year old performance Grand Champion. Outstanding was the west coast Champion in the Sally Wheeler Hunter Breeding Championships. Theodore K is #1 in the Childrens hunters in zone 5, others winning in other zones include Sailor Man, D Lovely K, Mystical M in the equitation, and Relevant K started in his first mini Prix.

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